Friday, 27 May 2016

The Tiny Fish by Sergei Ryabov

The Tiny Fish -

Me encanta esta animación de Sergi Ryabov!!.....nunca me canso de verla... M´encanta el sonido de los niños chillando, las pisadas en la nieve y las tijeras cortando el papel..... tanto que a veces la pongo solo para escucharla... :) .... una animación triste y bonita a la vez...

Absolutly love this animation, watched it so many times and never get bored.... beautiful and warm... love the sound of the children squeals, the footsteps and the scissors cutting the paper... sometimes I just listen to it without watching it :)

´´The small child's world is wonderful and extremely complex. A seemingly unimportant event can lead to tragic disaster in child's life. On the other hand kindness of the baby soul is capable to work a miracle. And it can even to animate the tiny fish.´´ -  Студия Сергея Рябова

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